Ask Jan
Congrats on the Toontrack competition ! ^-^

Thanks! And thanks to all the guys who voted for us too!

So I hear you're coming to the states for Babscon? I'm trying to convince Shady to come too :-p

Where did you hear it? Because I’ve not said it anywhere and it’s also not true, and I would like to know who likes to spread this bullshit around.

Why is your wifi network name I WIND?

It’s not the wifi. it’s the phone company.

I heard quite some time ago that it's common in Italy that people kiss each other on the mouth when saying hello or goodbye, even between the same gender. How do you think about that and is that common in the place where you live too?

That would be on the cheeks, not on the mouth. It is pretty common, yes. It is called European kiss from my knowledge.

It is mostly used when you meet again with a person you haven’t seen for long, and when you say goodbye to someone that you know you’re not gonna see again soon.

How do you cockadoodledoo?

Like I Yodel-ay-dee-oh.

On a scale of woof to neigh, how much do you meow?


Be really honest with me. Is "No" the next word you're going to say?



What is tomes?

TOME would be the actual name. Terrain of Magical Expertise, an original webseries I’m landing a help to for its second season, currently in production.

I am only finding out now that you worked on tomes...

I just have a small job in Season 2, but yeah, it’s being fun so far.

Hey Jan, I only wanted to tell you that by the time you read this, I already killed some of your time. Have a nice day. >:)