Ask Jan
What was the scrapped project about? And why was it scrapped?

It was a fan-series about Keroro Gunso called Keroro Shogun. We managed to make a 22 minutes pilot episode (with very crappy graphics, voice acting and animation) about 5 years ago.
We hoped to get enough helpers through forums, fan-sites and whatnot, but it ended up being a lost cause. So this video was made shortly before cancelling the project completely, in hope of getting helpers.

It was way too ambitious for the time.

Ever had to completely scrap a project that had a lot of work that went into it? Also, are you right or left-handed?

Yep. Happened about 5 years ago.
And right-handed.

Is AskTheCrusaders hiatus ending this august? If so, When in August? (beginning,mid,end) If not, What month? :3

Considering I will attend GalaCon from August 1-4, I’d say you can expect it to continue a few days after that.

someone told me you were a cool guy, is it true?

Depends on the season. In these days Iā€™m pretty hot.

Badum tiss.

Jan, I am going to Italy in a few days and it's my first time there. Do you have any advise that you can give to me?

Try and eat as much italian food as possible. Pizza, pasta, lasagna, salami, etc.

Stay away from fastfoods.

If I remember correctly. You said you know 3 languages. How did you learn English, and how did you learn the other language?

Funny enough, watching the same series in three different dubs, with subtitles.

Because screw school, right?

Well I know this may be a stupid question, but how are things going on getting Hasbro's permission to upload more Button Mash episodes?

I want to remind you that it’s not just about Button, but ANYTHING pony related whatsoever.

It’s being a long and stressful ride, and the mere fact that legal stuff takes A TON of time doesn’t help one bit either.
Just hang in there and I will update you all once this freaking answer comes. Being it a yes or no.

Were you a very popular guy in high school? I bet all the chicks were after you.

All the opposite, actually. I was far from popular. I was also quite introvert.

The fact that the girls:boys ratio was about 1:10, didn’t help either, I guess.
We only had 2 to 4 girls in each class, max.

What would a girl have to do for you to marry her?


Jan, go and get a new hair cut.