Ask Jan
Not an ask, just wanna tell you that you are an awesome animator with a very nice voice x3 Hope you can make more animations even if it's non pony related *hugs*

Thanks! You will definitely see more animations from me! Pony or not!

Might be stupid, but feel like I have to confirm this with all the commotion: You guys are working on getting rid of you-know-what for most of the videos, right? Not just BA in particular?


For the fun of asking; On wich project are you working on right-now ? :D

I have a question. Does the voice acting come before or after the animatic?

Usually the voice acting for the animatic is not final either, at least on the very first steps of its making. Some lines can be put there as a placeholder to set the timing and see if the whole scene works before getting the actual VAs to record their parts.

Do you like to sing out loud when no one is around? :D

Sometimes I also practice Yodel when I’m alone.

Since you get paid for animations per second, how do you and Shady make the "Buttons adventures" and other videos like "Don't mine at night" or "Pony rock"? Who's commissioning who and who's getting paid for it? :D

I do not get paid for the animations I make, because they are personal projects. Nobody is commissioning and nobody pays anybody. We make them because we enjoy making them.

In your 'Everything You Need to Know (Please Watch)' video, there was a small animation of Sunil Nevla, (from lps.) I presume you animated this, (it looks awesome btw) and was wondering something. Did you make a puppet rig for him, or animate it in some other way?

I made a puppet for him for that specific section of the video!

Are you a ghost?

I might be.

Out of curiosity. Using some of the stuff you've already done as an example, how much would they cost if they were commissioned?

If you talk about animation, you can pretty much count 150 dollars per second and do the math depending on the lenght of the video. Possibly without counting black screens.

Since you've been to Germany, for Galacon, I take it that means you're fluent in German? I know you can speak several languages, so I assume German is one?

Not at all, but the main language spoken at the Convention was English, so I didn’t have a problem.